Petition for a law against mobbing and mobber and for supporting the victims

We launched on october 2019 a petition on the platform, to demand the approval of a law against bullying. And social support measures for victims.

The petition can be reached and shared at this link on The law against mobbing and mobber is necessary and urgent, in a civilized and advanced country like Italy. A law that provides for severe penalties against companies, managers, employees and collaborators guilty of these hateful, immoral and illegal behaviors. And that protects the victims, with interventions in support.

Among the priorities of the Government – coherently with the official declarations – there must be support for work and workers. And the fight against discrimination, exploitation, small and large illegalities. Mobbing is a serious scourge of our country, sanctioned by the sentences of the Courts and the Supreme Court of Cassazione. The workers, however, see themselves forced to long, painful, even financially, legal proceedings. And not always favorable: sometimes only for lack of adequate evidence, or colleagues willing to testify.

The absence of a specific anti-mobbing law in Italy, today therefore appears paradoxical and unjust. We demand a law that will also help to bring a decisive change and adaptation of a social, economic and cultural paradigm. And it will make our country, and the companies and institutions that operate there, more efficient and just.

Paolo Centofanti, director of Faith and Reason.

You can sign, share or support the petition through this link on the platform. This is the link to Petition page on Facebook.

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