SRM and Faith and Reason projects exclusions: Sky, Vision, Fox

We need to clarify the reality of the SRM – Science and Religion in Media, and Faith and Reason projects: online newspapers, channel and other related – and other projects related to our director and publisher, Paolo Centofanti.

Specifically, we explain again that, although Paolo Centofanti is currently working on Sky Italia, the SRM – Science and Religion in Media Project, the project and journal Faith and Reason, the Faith and Reason channel, and any other project related to him and / or of its ownership and ownership, they have no connection or relationship with the following subjects, repeatedly mentioned.

No relationship, link or connection with Sky Italia. Neither with the Sky company, nor with its employees, managers or internal or external collaborators. Identical exclusions – all the more so – towards the associate Vision and its employees, managers and collaborators. The Fox and related companies are not involved or connected in any way – from which Sky also no longer depends in any way, having been acquired by the US company Comcast. Neither their managers, employees or collaborators. Not even more so the company Stream, not even more existing since 2003. Neither the company Telecom Italia, with which, among other things, our director Paolo Centofanti no longer collaborates for several years, and which does not hold any share of Sky either.

As we have already had occasion to explain, Paolo Centofanti, as part of his sociocultural interests, as a freelance journalist, teacher and manager, is currently director and editor of SRM – Science and Religion in Media, Faith and Reason and of the project in Faith and Reason start up channel. Projects that are the result only of no profit cultural activities, of the training and passion of Paolo Centofanti, and of those who collaborate in various ways. Free of charge or in partnership, however, with a socio-cultural character. As already mentioned several times, other partners are visible as references on the newspaper’s website,, or in the newsletter.

We also specify that SRM is a project in partnership with the Science and Faith Institute of the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University. Not however with the Faculty of Bioethics, with which it has no connections, nor with its referents or collaborators. Likewise for the project, newspaper and channel Faith and Reason, which currently have no connection even with other institutions of the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University, nor with their referents or collaborators, nor with the Science and Faith Institute.

Furthermore, due to some erroneous information circulated by some, we must also specify that the project and scientific journal SRM, the project and scientific journal Faith and Reason and obviously the Fede e Ragione channel, do not cooperate in any way, nor have any ownership , people linked by family ties – especially acquired – with the director Paolo Centofanti. In the event that you find on the web or elsewhere articles, pages, information or anything else that might make you think otherwise, kindly report to or

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