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These are just some of the issues that Fede e Ragione – Faith and Reason project and online newspaper are addressing in recent months. And that despite repeated attacks are taking us to over two hundred thousand monthly visits in November – only italian version – confirming the trend of the previous months.

Considering also, as is known, that we currently use parameters unfortunately much more restrictive than those used by Audiweb for its own surveys. To which we will try to adapt, and in our own interest, this month. We got there despite repeated hacker attacks, and what now appears to us as a probable delegitimization campaign. Implemented for years on social networks by those who for now unspecified reasons want to stop us talking, telling, criticizing.

It was a doubt we had been carrying on for several years, when Facebook interactions for example fell suddenly, without logical reasons. And spamming reports have arrived from the social network on articles shared for example only on my personal profile, or on the Faith and Reason group.

And because for example any post on mobbing – one of the key points of the project along with the work – was enormously penalized on social media. And it became almost invisible after the first sharing. An oddity, given that – from studies and pure institutional sources – in Italy the victims of mobbing are at least one and a half million people. In our opinion, this number is underestimated. And considering their family members, the people affected by this social scourge are at least several million.

The confirmation of our doubts that has arrived with the Petition with which we are asking to approve a law – adequate – against mobbing and those guilty of such crimes. And that it can support, as well as defend, those who are its victims. A petition that started in an accelerated way, and that after only three weeks came to fifty thousand signatures. Demonstrating how mobbing arouses the attention and interest – and causes suffering – of so many people. And that on Facebook, for example, although positively going, it had an enormously lower, and not proportional, number of interactions.

Our goals: an anti-mobbing law, making the Faith and Reason project grow, understanding who attacks us and why.

Today, apart from the satisfaction for how the newspaper Faith and Reason is growing – growth due only in part to the Petition and consistent with previous trends – and the desire to continue to make it grow, we have two objectives. Get a law against mobbing and mobber. And to understand, through formal contacts with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, how far the troll – cyber stalkers have gone in recent years. And understand who they are, and why they do it. Despite why it is perhaps a question that can be partially hypothesized. Paolo Centofanti, director of Faith and Reason.

We remind, as usual, the exclusions from the SRM and Faith and Reason projects: Sky, Vision, Fox.

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